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Now Is The Time For Seniors To Sell Their Homes

It’s never easy to make big life decisions. As a senior still living in a house, you’ve probably thought often about moving and what life’s next phase could be. Questions like, “when is the right time to sell” and “where would I go if I did move”? Well now there are answers to both of your questions. Now is the time to move and senior apartments are the place to move to. Here are five reasons to help convince you that now is the time to make the move to senior living in an apartment.

It’s A Sellers Real Estate Market
The market is hot! There couldn’t be a better time to move. Realtors are looking for listings and demand is exceeding supply, plus interest rates are at an all time low. Don’t wait and miss this opportunity to cash out and put your nest egg in the bank. Renting an apartment doesn’t require a big down payment.

Lifestyle and Location
How about a simpler, more carefree lifestyle? By renting, you’ll have no worries for maintaining your property and more freedom to do the things you really enjoy. Plus most senior apartment communities are in convenient locations, close to everything you want or need, like shopping, restaurants and medical facilities.

Money Savings
Downsize on your terms while you can. Don’t wait until a life event forces you to have to make a quick decision. Today’s senior apartments are designed with downsizing in mind. The floorplans are modern and right-sized for today’s active, independent seniors.

Beyond the uncertain costs associated with home ownership, when you live in an apartment you also gain peace of mind not having to worry about unexpected repairs or preventative maintenance!

While some apartment rents may seem higher than a mortgage payment, you have to factor in property taxes, insurance and HOA fees that really add up! Utilities are also generally less in apartments verses a larger and older home.

Safety and Security for Residents and Guests
Some apartment communities are gated and most all have security cameras, controlled access, and fire protection systems. Plus the close proximity of neighbors in the building provide an additional level of comfort.

Unlike most houses, apartment complexes are generally built with specific amenities such as common areas, lounge areas, theaters, fitness centers and outdoor living features located on the premises. The conveniences of apartment living are at your fingertips to enhance your lifestyle and lots of close neighbors create a true feeling of connection and community.

Don’t live the all too familiar quote that seniors often say, “I wish I would have moved sooner”. Make the move today!