Encore 55+ Boutique Apartments - 7 Benefits to 55+ Apartments

7 Benefits to 55+ Apartments

Are you independent and ready to downsize from your home? Do you currently live in an all-ages apartment complex and are tired of the hustle and bustle? You’re not alone! Many people over 55 are ready for a more relaxed and simpler lifestyle, giving them the freedom to pursue their later-in-life dreams.

The years spent worrying about home maintenance and all the associated expenses are giving way to new 55+ apartments tailored to the wants and needs of today’s “active agers”.

Here are 7 benefits to moving to a 55+ apartment:

1. Maintenance Free
55+ apartments mean no more home maintenance or big repair bills.

2. Location – Location – Location
Many of todays 55+ apartments are right in the path of progress and close to specialty shopping, grocery stores, restaurants and medical facilities.

3. Security & Safety
Most of todays 55+ apartments are equipped with the latest in security and safety technology, including keyless entry and controlled access, recorded site surveillance and maximum outdoor lighting. Interior spaces are well lit and designed with resident safety in mind.

4. Privacy & Socialization
You’ll have your own apartment “home” and all its comforts; kitchen, living room, bedroom, washer and dryer and more to maintain your privacy, but just outside your door you’ll have a lot of amenities and gathering spaces to use in addition to a full community of like-minded friends for communication, card games, book clubs, outdoor activities and more.

5. Activities & Fitness
There’s plenty to do if you’re looking for an activity to enjoy. From classes to crafts to cultural programs, you’re sure to fill your personal schedule as much as you prefer. Since fitness and exercise is a key to a healthy lifestyle, there’s plenty of ways to stay active.

6. Affordable
Since 55+ apartments don’t require a buy-in or large down payment, you can live with peace of mind knowing your hard-earned savings are still yours! Most 55+ apartments are within the rent range of similar all age apartments in the area they are located.

7. Maintain Your Independence
Since you have less to worry about, you can focus on your lifestyle and happiness!

Don’t delay, now is the time to make the move to a 55+ community!